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Shaded Silver Persians
Silver Persian, Owned by Lady Decies
Photo by E. Landor, Ealing
Born 1895
Sire: Silver Laddie, Dam: Sylvie
Noted in Francis Simpson's The Book of the Cat "CHAMPION FULMER ZAIDA
is the renowned Silver female owned by Lady Decies.
This cat has won more prizes than any other in the Fancy, numbering over 150.
Zaida is almost an unmarked specimen, and her colour is wonderfully pure.
She has carried off the highest honours at all the leading shows."

The History and the Development of Silver and Golden Persians
By Karol E. Cummins of Wyndcreste Silver Persian Cats.
Chinchilla Persian Cat Silver Lambkin
born approximately in 1890

Chinnie, born sometime in 1882 is the first recognized Silver Persian. 'Chinnie' was described by Miss Simpson in 'The Book of the Cat' as "The Mother of Chinchillas" and described her as "A very pure silver with undecided tabby markings". Mrs. Hurt of Sandal Mayner near Wakefield bred Chinnie and offered to sell her on approval in her letter to Mrs. Vallance on October 14, 1882 for one guinea. In Mrs. Hurt's letter to Mrs. Vallance she describes Chinnie's parentage as "The mother I bought ...[as] a kitten from prize parents. The father is one we bred partly from Mrs. Radford's breed and partly from a splendid tom cat that was found living wild at Babbicombe..." Please refer to TBOTC Page Three for full text of the letter. The color of her parents is not known and no photographs of her survive. Chinnie was mated to Fluffy I (unknown imported parents) in 1885 and produced a male, VEZZOSO, and a female, Beauty, later known as BEAUTY OF BRIDGEYATE.

VEZZOSO became a Best in Show winner at the Albert Palace in 1885 before disappearing in 1886. BEAUTY OF BRIDGEYATE was bought as a kitten by Miss Howe of Bridgeyate near Bath and produced three litters of kittens. Her mating with Mrs Shearman's Smoke, Champion Perso, produced CH SILVER LAMBKIN, who is considered to be the first Chinchilla, and who had an enormous influence on the development of the breed, especially through his offspring, LORD ARGENT and CH LORD SOUTHAMPTON. LORD ARGENT eventually went to America with his owner, Mrs F Champion. Mrs Champion was a famous breeder of the day and founder of the Silver Society in 1900. She emigrated to the USA where she continued to be a prominent breeder. Her daughter, Miss Ethel Champion, became the first CFA Recorder. CH LORD SOUTHAMPTON was eventually bought by Lady Decies for the enormous sum (at the time) of sixty guineas. If you trace back any Chinchilla line far enough, you will encounter their sire, CH SILVER LAMBKIN.

Masked Silver Persian Cat Lord Sylvester
a Masked Silver Persian
Born July 5, 1899

Silver Persians known more specifically as Chinchillas and Shaded Silvers were recognized in England by the GCCF, the largest cat registry in the world at the time. Chinchillas and Shaded Silvers were given their own color class in approximately 1893 or 1894. Many early cat shows were held at the famed Crystal Palace, a magnificent structure composed of more than a million feet of glass designed by Sir Joseph Paxton in 1852. In this grand structure, the birth of the Cat Fancy took hold as the showing of pedigreed cats gained popularity. One by one new colors of Persian cats were recognized by the GCCF just before and throughout the early part of the turn of the twentieth century and exhibited in the glittering Crystal Palace. In the early years, for example, Red Tabbies were described as "Orange," and were lumped in with the Brown Tabbies. Blue Persians were recognized in 1880 and Creams a little later. Not surprisingly, Chinchillas and Shaded Silvers quickly gained recognition and popularity for their beautiful color, not found in the wild, and their lovely green eyes rimmed with mascara.

The Absent Minded Beggar The Absent Minded Beggar
Shaded Silver Persian
Born April 27, 1899

Early Chinchillas and Shadeds did not have the clear coats they are known for today, nor did they look in anyway similar to today's Silvers, but through selective breeding over the last 100 years has served to clear the coats of modern day Chinchillas and Shadeds and type has come a long way. In the early days, Blues, Blacks, Whites and Silver Tabbies are commonly found in early pedigrees and the sought after color for Chinchillas and Shadeds had a rather bluish or lavender tint to the tipping, which is not surprising as Blues and Blue Tabbies are commonly found in early pedigrees. According to Martha Wise the standard of the Chinchilla Cat Club in 1903 read "Palest silver, lavender tint preferred, nearly white at the roots. No dark stripes, blotches or brown tint." This tells us that the dilute influence was strong and actually aesthetically preferred over today's genetically black Chinchilla and Shadeds. Also, Masked Silvers appeared from time to time; nineteen of which were registered with CFA--the most well-known Masked Silver is Lord Sylvester, pictured above left, born July 5, 1899.

Shaded Silver Persian Cat GC Michael of Beverly-Serrano
Born April 30, 1944

As noted above Chinnie bred to Fluffy I produced Beauty of Bridgeyate, and Beauty bred to Perso produced the renowned CH SILVER LAMBKIN. Silver Lambkin was considered quite magnificent in his day and proved to be a prolific sire. His most famous offspring are CH LORD SOUTHAMPTON (owned by Lady Decies of the Fulmer line) and LORD ARGENT (imported to the US by Mrs. Champion) and both served as the beginning of two famous lines: Agent and Southampton. These lines served as a foundation for many early Silver lines in Great Britain and in the US. For example, off-spring from these cats served as the foundation of the Rob Roy, Winter, Lockehaven, Whitehall and Brushwood lines, and their off-spring's off-spring in turn founded Pequosette, Arlington, Starlight, Rosewood, Rosedare, Hanford, Scotia, Kildare, Arrandale, and Allington lines to name just a few. Fanfare of Allington born in England in 1949 and later imported to the US, was another sensational cat of his day and can be found behind nearly every Silver pedigree today.

Chinchilla Persian GC Gray-Ivy Aladdin
Born July 30, 1955

Silvers were largely "color-bred" from the 1920s forward, up until the 1950's when Fanny Mood of the famed Delphi Cattery did the "unthinkable" and bred Bon-Err Jerrilyn of Delphi to GC Dixi-Land Queed of Azulita, a Blue Persian. This I am sure caused quite a stir at the time as "color breeding" (breeding like color to like color) was the norm of the day. This "hybrid" breeding produced CH Delphi Suzy-Q. Another famous "hybrid" breeding is GC Sylva-Whyte Aladdin of Sandia (Copper-eyed White) bred to Delphi Zuni of Sandia, which produced CH Sandia Gorgeous George. Mrs. Mood was considered a pioneer as hybridizing to other colors simply was not done in the mid Twentieth Century and shame to any breeder that would even think of doing such a thing. With that being said, I don't think anyone had the nerve to call her on the carpet, well Dorie Weston probably gave her an earful albeit twenty years later!

Likewise it is probable 'mistakes' or 'unplanned breedings' did occur although some may not appear on pedigrees, and these oops' combined with the legacy of mixed color breedings we see on the early pedigrees as well as a lot of the unknowns sires and dams on these same pedigrees, likely gave rise to odd colors that crop up from time to time including our Goldens, which is recessive color and is said to be a mutation of the Brown Tabby gene (or yellow gene?) There are many theories regarding the genesis of Goldens. Currently, studies at the University of California at Davis are being done to identify the specific gene giving rise to the Golden Color of kittens in our Silver to Silver breedings. A Black or Blue Silver parent must carry the Golden gene for this to occur. Golden Persians as well as Silver Persians are genetically speaking Black cats. The dominant inhibitor gene restricts the color to the tipping. Blue Chinchillas and Shadeds as well as Blue Golden Chinchillas and Shadeds are genetically speaking Blue cats--Blue being the dilute color of the Black gene. You can find more information on Genetics (By Tracy Smith or The Components of Silver and Gold By Elise Scafani.

Chinchilla Silver Persian Cat GC Walnut Hill Delight
Born June 9, 1959

American Shorthair breeders frequently used Silvers and other Solid Persians to bring up the type of American Shorthairs and it is said, long hair offspring of this hybridization introduced the short hair gene to some Persians which in turn gave rise to Exotics. The very first Exotic to Grand is a Silver Exotic and the most common color in American Shorthairs is Silver. History of Exotics.

Occasionally breeders will be blessed with a Blue Silver Persian or Blue Golden Persian, the legacy of the dilute factor in our lines. The blue tipping is difficult to discern, so it is probable many Blue Silver Persians have been misidentified and registered at Black Silvers in the past and used for breeding. Today, after a long and arduous journey the Blue Silver Persians have won acceptance to compete in CFA show rings commencing with the 2009-2010 show season. Congratulations to all of the breeders that worked so hard to establish a standard approved by the Silver and Golden Breed Council and CFA. Pamela Martin of Castlepaws Silver and Golden Persians has written an excellent article chronicling the quest to promote Blue Silvers and Blue Goldens from the previous AOV (all othr varieties) status to Champship status in her article Singing the Blues.

Chinchilla Silver Persian Cat GC Walnut Hill Rondo
Born May 21, 1961
Bred by Dorie Weston

Also, because of the legacy of the mixed pedigrees in the earlier years, breeders were often surprised and shocked when a Golden is born to two Silver parents (both must carry the recessive Golden gene). In earlier times, these kittens were referred to as "brownies" and often hidden and quickly placed in pet homes. It was thought that the "brownies" were the result of impure breeding practices and thus considered shameful. Color breeding in the mid twentieth century was approved practice of the day. Please click here to read Color Breeding Silver Persians by Dorie Weston of Walnut Hill.

Chinchilla Silver Persian Cat GC Gray Ivy Fanfare
Born March 19, 1967

Thankfully interest in Goldens grew and due the dedication of several Silver and Golden breeders were attracted by the unusual coat color in contrast with their vivid blue green eye color and worked hard to win the acceptance of Chinchilla and Shaded Goldens in Championship in CFA. They accomplished their goal CFA in 1976. The first Male Golden Persian Grand Champion is GC La Cattique Cache, bred and shown by Wilma Van Scoyk and the first Female Golden Grand Champion is GC Dee-J Desert Poppy, bred and shown by Dee Single. Please click here for more information on Goldens.

Silvers in the Mid 20th Century

chinchilla Silver Persian Cat GC, RW Sanmar Ole
Shaded Silver
born June 13, 1978

In 1953, GC Arlington Sensation II of Nor-Mont achieved the distinction of CFA Cat of the Year; the only year a Silver ever won this distinction. Other prominent lines of the mid-nineteenth century included Dearheart, Bonavia, Bama-Crest, Bonnie, Chateau Chat, Sheromar, Kerry Lu, Beverly Serrano, Citrus Ridge, Cashmere, Nani-Lei, Beau Geste, Kitty Cove, Mary Crary, Silver Mesa, Shy-Ann, High Echo, Chatami, Gray Ivy and later still: Walnut Hill, Co-Mc, Candyshop, Charlwood, Bean Ridge, Tinkle Puff, Pahlavan, Kitza, Bobette, Edgewood, Moss Glen, Fayron, Be-Ru, Marlboro, Gay Purr-ee, Hillsbury, Las Montanas, Shasta, Shawnee, Silver Willow, Shy's Castle, Las Lomas, Mill Russ, Hayward, Sequoia, Oakview, Kohinoor, Mistymarn,Five Flags, Groot, Fair Oaks, Wokanda, Wee Heather, Wicklow, Jubilee, Sanskrit, Highlite, and Heathkilf to name a few.

Shaded Silver Persian Cat GC Walnut Hill Diamond Jubilee
Chinchilla Silver Persiand
Born June 18, 1978
Bred by Dorie Weston

GC Gray-Ivy Aladdin served as the foundation sire for Walnut Hill and can be found most modern pedigrees. The combination of Delphi, Gray-Ivy and Walnut Hill proved fortuitous and ancestors from cross breeding these lines and other lines named above served as the foundation for many modern lines including Diadem, Gold Hill, Dalee, Sanmar, Exton, Mata-Blu, Scrimshaw, Wyngate, Care-y's, Royal Rebel, Dee-J, Flambeau, Jenwilli, Tiffanyland, Kephri, La-Dor, Me Home, Classic, South Hill, Limeridge, Lockestill, Pahlewi, Gipanglin, Mac-Haven, Shadedknoll, Mission Hill, Panhandle, Pawlewi, Nite Wind, Kinny-Knnick, Denevers, McPuree, Fair Isles, Chatarebe, Chatican, Talin, Tiladon, Harthrob, Resevoir Hil, Puffian, Purbachs, Bien-Amie, Brettachal, Sonnet, Kitnpaws, Echo Hill, Joyvyn, Kalima, Little Sister, Kelly Lane, Kimberlea, My-My, Desertdove, Myshara, Mysticstar, Mystre, Ivy Hill, Ivy league, Kit-T-Kur, Ana-lan, Kittyville, Danpeg, Hapynesis, Kitsumi, La Cattique, Pet Joy, Chassir, Dapplegrae, Debarron, Deealden, Sumew, Cremedelacrem, LaGemini, Hautecats, Featherbleu, Caldera, Thickety Run, Woki, Emmenjay, Elegre, Bethceleste, Sharmeyne, SassyTails, Sharts, Razberrilane, Rondirk, Dinpeace, and Adcock. I know I have forgotten many illustrious lines, so please accept my apologies in advance.

Shaded Golden Persian Cat GC La Cattique Cache
First Golden Persian
Grand Champion
Bred by Wilma Van Scoyk
Born May 1, 1979

From the lines mentioned above, many of whom are still breeding and exhibiting their beautiful cats we have: Akristocats, AppleBlossom, Indiancreek, Brumar, Hastings Hall, Apurcat/The Rose, Aritzia, All Aglitter, Af Edal Loga, Carictor, Cashelaby, Cedarswamp, Castlepaws, Catwells, Bouquet House, Chelcecats, Chenet, Cheerybirdie, Country Castle, Coujee, Dazzle M, Dejavumoon, Diehl, Dieulhonneur, Dr. Paws, Dream Paws, Exquisitcats, Ez2luv, Elchakcharan, Elegantpurrs, Eliszkatz, Hohenzell, Imaginaries, Jade River, Jobez, Jayremington, Jenna-Purrs, Ornamental, Jemappelle, Jennycats, Joyhill, Kimberlite, Labrese, Lascher, Lion Blanc, LadyDi, Meadowpurrs, Misteeriver, Nakeli, Eucker, PawsandPurrs, Peerage, Pepper Mill, Persefelis, Purrmunn, Rdreams, Ultamint, Purrsatin/Xymin, Salondechat, Silvadee, Silverestates, SimbaKui, Sootypaws, StarDazl, Tayrie, TriJesus, Sunnybeach, Sun'n'Roses, The BirdandI, TheLords, Wyndcreste, Kittikamir, Catwells, Bennic, Babybrats, Bookats, Sol E Luna, Ridgetop, Castlegate, Catchurheart, Vonguts, Escorial, Dainty Dolls, Silver Storm, and Aghouse and I know I am forgetting numerous lovely catteries currently exhibiting and showing today please forgive me and send me the names!

GC Diadem Personality Plus (pictured right), GC Joyvyn Purrfect Sir Prize (pictured below right) and GC, RW Sanmar Ole (pictured above left) have had a tremendous impact on modern day silvers. Plus, Prize and Ole can be traced behind most cats being shown today.

Exhibiting and Breeding Silver and Golden Persians:

Shaded Silver Persian Cat GC Diadem Personality Plus, DM
Born February 3, 1981.

Many newbie breeders immediately fall in love with the beauty of our Silver and Golden Persians and Exotics, but quickly become disillusioned when they discover how difficult it is to breed a quality Silver Persian or Golden Persian or Exotic, which will earn recognition in the show ring. Several CFA Judges first started breeding and exhibiting Silvers and know how challenging breeding quality Silvers and Goldens can be and do recognize beautiful Silvers when presented well. Many experienced breeders believe it takes many years to achieve consistent quality in one's litter, ten years being a very realistic goal. One can "get lucky" sometimes, but by and large, one can experience many heartbreaking, expensive and time consuming set backs before one achieves consistency. With that being said, while enormously expensive, raising, nurturing and protecting these exquisitely beautiful and loving animals is extremely rewarding. If all you care to do is to collect rosettes in the show ring, Silver Persians are not for you or anyone without enormous love, commitment and dedication it takes to be successful with this exquisite breed of cat.

Shaded Golden Persian Cat GC Walnut Hill Moondancer
Chinchilla Silver Persian
Born August 17, 1980
Bred by Dorie Weston

My best advice to any newbie is to research, research more and more, reading everything you can about the breed and animal husbandry and feline genetics. It is also advisable to join YahooGroups chat lists such as the SilverGoldenForum and the CFA Mentorship list. Send emails to: SilverGoldenForum-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and CFAMentoring-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. The willingness to learn is paramount. It is also critical that one finds a strong and knowledgeable mentor that will help with one's start in the fancy. This is NOT an avenue to "make money" but rather a very expensive hobby.

It is strongly recommended by many the best way to start is to obtain a high quality altered cat to be shown in the Premiership class. This way one does not make a huge initial investment and has the opportunity to gain experience grooming and showing. Also, this is an excellent avenue to meet others involved in the fancy and gain references one may need to obtain quality cats and learn. Marta Wacek (Limeridge), Pamela Hill, Sally Daniels, Barbara Whitman (Dalee) and Shirley Crawford mentored and shared their lines with me, for which I cannot thank them enough especially for their encouragement and support. Janice Reichle (Diadem), the late Sue Hinkle (Fairisles) and the late Bette DeSharon (Fanciluvs) were all wonderful and knowledgeable Mentors to me, always willing to answer my many, many questions.


For many years Silver and Goldens Persians were shown in the Shaded Division, lumped in with gold-eyed Smokes and Cameos and Shaded Tortoiseshells and it was rare a Silver won over a lovely Smoke or Shell Cameo. Finally in the 1995/1996 show season the Silver and Golden Division was born. Now the Shaded Persian Divison consists of the gold-eyed Smokes and Cameos and the Silver and Golden Divison includes the green-eyed Chinchilla Silver Persians, Shaded Silver Persians, Chinchilla Golden Persians, and Shaded Golden Persians which has served to benefit the division as a whole.

Silver and Golden Persians and the Cat Fancy are evolving all the time. The Standard for the Chinchilla Golden Persian and Shaded Golden Persian was recently refined in 2004. Also, as I previously mentioned, Blue Silver Persians and Blue Golden Persians have now won acceptance to compete in CFA show rings commencing with the 2009-2010 show season. Changing the standard is a reflection of evolution of the breed and the division.

Shaded Silver Persian Cat GC Joyvyn Purrfect Sirprize, DM
Born August 17, 1982

There is controversy amongst many Silver and Golden Breeders about how extreme Silvers and Goldens ought to strive to be. Many believe that the more moderate look of traditional, but typy (as opposed to long nosed 'traditional') "color bred" Silver Persians and Goldens is better for the health and well being of the breed and feel strongly that moderation is the optimal goal, while and others feel because the fashion of the extremely short nosed Persian is rewarded in the show ring, is what one 'ought' to breed toward, despite the fact that there are many well documented health issues associated with extreme brachycelphalic head type, most serious being mal-formed sinuses, teeny nares, malformed bites/jaws and bumpy and lumpy heads, hydrocephalic kittens, all conditions rarely if ever found in the moderately typed Silver Persian and if one does one can find an "other color" Persian not too far back in the pedigree.

That said the look of moderately typed Silver Persian does meet the standard as it is written. The standard simply states the nose must be "short, snub, and broad, with "break" centered between the eyes." The standard does not state the nose must be so short it is centered between the eyes nor does it state the 'break,' which must be centered between the eyes, be deep or shallow. However, the current fashion so rewarded by many Judges in the show ring appears to favor Persians exhibiting extremely short noses, centered between the eyes, and some go into rapture if they can 'bury' their finger into a deep break.

Chinchilla Persian Cat GC Walnut Hill Imari of Shadedknoll
Chinchilla Silver Persian
Born June 2, 1983

While some judges are not fans of Silver or Golden Persians and Exotics, and race through judging the class, there are many, many Judges that relish judging the class and adore Silvers and Goldens and recognize a quality Silver or Golden with good type, great color, gorgeous eyes with deep green eye color. Many moderately typed Silver and Golden Persians exhibit extremely sweet and open expressions on well balanced cobby bodies. Most all agree, Silver Persians and Golden Presians have fabulous doming and smooth and wide top heads, which is not found as frequently in other color Persians and are the most elegant and ethereal of all the Persians the "Bentley" of the Persian world if you will.

In whichever way the Silver Persian and the Golden Persians and Exotics of the future evolve, they will always have a loyal following of devoted admirers, and to this end, they owe their legacy to the many dedicated breeders of the last 110 years (which is the equivalent of approximately 600-800 years in terms of the cycle of human generations). These wonderful breeders devoted many, many years of their lives (and tons of money) to these beautiful cats. To be successful, one must have a keen eye for quality, ardent concern for their health and well being, as well as enthusiasm toward learning all they can about these gorgeous cats.

Pedigrees and Lineage:

Silver Persian Kittens First Wyndcreste Litter
CH Cloverhill Elijah's Sweet Annabelle x
Ahna's Ulysses
Born May 31, 1991

To better illustrate pedigrees and lineage, I will use my line to serve as an example about how Silvers and Goldens can trace their lineage back to Chinnie, the first recognized silver. My first Silver was a Shaded Silver female, CH Cloverhill Elijah's Sweet Annabelle. Her pedigree was largely Walnut Hill and behind the Adcock, the Heathkilf and the Gay-Purr-EE lines in her pedigree, we find the well known Delphi line. (With That being said, I doubt the parentage of Adock Sweet Elijah. I believe he is out of a solid. I did see him when I was just a newbie, but with more experience under my belt I now recognize that he was definitely a hybrid--one of his parents must have been a solid Persian. He was large, heavily boned and coated, with dark shading and barring. His eyes were more gold than green and my first generations had less than spectacular eye color and some barring.

Chinchilla Persian Cat GC Shadedknoll Chantilly
chinchilla Silver Persians
Born May 2, 1989

I was fortunate to breed Annabelle to Ahna's Ulysses of Limeridge. Ulysses' pedigree is largely 100 percent Walnut Hill, going back to Sequoia, Jubilee, Gipanglin, Bean Ridge, Bobette, and of course the famous GC Gray-Ivy Aladdin; the foundation sire of the Walnut Hill line out of Mitzie of Gray-ivy and Fanfare of Allington. Marta tended to doubt all of the Chinchilla Persians in Ulysses pedigree, but I found I more often than not had Chinchilla Persians in my litters.

Mitzie of Gray-ivy was the founding cat of the Gray-Ivy Line (Grace and Ivan Over of Southern California) and her name should actually read Kerry Lu Mitzie of Gray-Ivy, but the Overs were newbies and simply registered her as Mitzie of Gray Ivy. GC Gray-Ivy Aladdin is probably the most significant Sire in the history of Silver Persians. He bred eleven Grand Champions, and perhaps more, that said in his day this is quite an accomplishment, but more importantly he figures prominently behind every Silver Persian pedigree today. Bred to Wee-Heather Holly Ann of Gray-Ivy he sired GC Gray Ivy Winsome of Cardell, DM the first silver Distinguished Merit winner. Janice Reichle of Diadem researched and found that six of her off spring that had attained the title of Grand Champion and petitioned for her title.

Chinchilla Persian Cat CH, GP Wyndcreste Beloved, DM
CFA's 14th Silver Persian
Distinguished Merit Winner
Chinchilla Silver Persian
Born January 30, 1997

Going back to my first breeding, the combined pedigrees of Cloverhill Sweet Annabelle and Ahna's Ulysses, produced four kittens, two of whom I kept: CH Wyndcreste Razzle Dazzle and CH Wyndcreste Lalique and with their combined pedigree we have one immediate common ancestor Walnut Hill Starshine. His sire is Bobette Bacchus of Walnut Hill and behind him on his sire's side we find CH Walnut Hill Bravado of Bobbette which again goes back to Gray-Ivy Aladdin and GC Las Lomas Julio of Walnut Hill. On Bobette Bachus of Walnut Hill dam's side we have CH, PR Bobette Lady Suzanne, and behind her we find Capistrano Danny Boy, who in turn goes back to Chatami Patsy of Capistrano, sired by the famed QDGC Las Montanas Emeraud of Chatami.

Chinchilla Persian Cat GC Wyndcreste Ritzy Bitzy
Chinchilla Silver Persian
Born May 23, 2002

Behind QDGC Las Montanas Emeraud of Chatami we go back to Sir Dare of Kildare, Nani-Lei Silver Angelette, GC Michael of Beverly-Serrano, Playtime Cherub II of Kiltie, Starlite Souvenir's Kookie. Behind these lines we discover Woohoo Dauntless, Starlight Heart Bandit, The Viking (aka Brushwood Dunder), Roblyn II of Minnesota, CH Genee Winter of Claremont. Behind CH Genee Winter of Claremont, we have Bittern Silver Chieftan, Lord Southampton, Kohinoor and Rob Roy and behind these pedigrees we find our illustrious Mother of all Silver Persians: Chinnie.

Chinchilla Persian Cat CH Limeridge Starry Nights of Wyndcreste
Chinchilla Silver Persian
Born June 25, 1992

I traced this one small branch, to serve as illustration, but via just about all of the several thousand branches of their pedigree lead back to Chinnie. I love reading all of the interesting names of the cats, some of which are quite romantic and elegant, so one knows they were indeed much loved and highly prized.

Later I bred CH Wyndcreste Razzle Dazzle, with her beautiful huge eyes to the very handsome CH Shadedknoll Fanfare. I feel in love with this boy bred by Sally Daniels when I exhibited my Annabelle at our very first CFA show. Behind Fanfaire we have GC Fairisles Citation of Shadedknoll. He was the first Grand Champion for Sally and his Breeder Sue Hinkle and said to be the best cat produced by Fairisles. GC Shadedknoll Chantilly is Fanfaire's dam and is the most beautiful and flashy Chinchilla imaginable and still gorgeous until her passing at 18 years of age. She is out of CH Gray-Ivy Don Wan of Shadedknoll and the outstanding GC Walnut Hill Imari of Shadedknoll.

Shaded Silver Persian Cat GC Wyndcreste Rendezvous
Shaded Silver Persian
Born March 30, 2000

GC Walnut Hill Imari of Shadedknoll was the epitome of a refined and flashy Silver with the most amazing green eyes and dripping coat complete with snow shoes. Imari's look set the standard for me to reach for in my breeding program. Incredible eyes set wide apart with that little extra dash of something different and other worldly, yet refined and ethereal, together with an amazing top head, sweet expression and cobby body with full dripping coat. Her photo above does not capture her true beauty, balance and refinement. Just before Dorie Weston of Walnut Hill retired, she placed all of her remaining kitties with many members of the Franciscan Silver and golden Fanciers, thus the legacy of Walnut Hill lives strongly in modern California lines.

 Shaded silver Persian Cat GC Wyndcreste Liaison
Shaded Silver Persian
Born March 30, 2000

This breeding produced CH Wyndcreste Strike a Pose! Who was bred to CH Wyndcreste Lalique and while I was in Paris that summer produced CH Wyndcreste Liberty born on the 4th of July. Thanks to Sally Daniel's generosity, I was very fortunate to breed Liberty to GC Shadedknoll Sterling (as a kitten he had the most amazing top head I had ever seen), and CH, GP Wyndcreste Beloved, DM was born. GC Shadedknoll Sterling is out of a fortuitous breeding of CH Wyngate Limited Edition of Limeridge and GC Diadem Beloved of Shadedknoll, bringing in Wyngate lines as well as the famed Diadem line. GC Diadem Beloved is out of GC Diadem Personality Plus, DM and GC Diadem So Sweet, DM. GC Shadedknoll Cherish is Sterling's Litter sister. There is a third sister living in Amsterdam CH Shadedknoll Mariah.

Shaded Silver Persian Cat GC Dalee Special Edition of Wyndcreste
Shaded Silver Persian
Born July 10, 2002

CH, GP Wyndcreste Beloved, DM is obviously named after her grandmother. Lovey as I call her is traditional in look, but the judges love her balance and size and clear chinchilla coat and best of all she has thrown beautiful kittens, several of which have that special look that I love. Five of her kittens have Granded: GC Wyndcreste Intrigue, GC Wyndcreste Ritzy Bitzy, GP Wyndcreste Suspense, GP Wyndcreste Flaubert andCH, GP Wyndcreste Imari. All of these kittens (except GP Wyndcreste Suspense) were sired by CH Limeridge Starry Nights of Wyndcreste.

 Shaded silver Persian Cat CH Wyndcreste Special's Extra Edition
Shaded Silver Persian
Born July 17, 2008

Behind CH Limeridge Starry Nights of Wyndcreste, we find more Walnut Hill and Wyngate. Let's start with his Sire CH Wyngate Limited Edition of Limeridge's sire GC, PR Wyndgate Squire, the best Chinchilla Silver in 1990; behind him we have CH Dalee Lucky Charm of Shakara, and behind him we have CH Care-Y Charmer of Dalee and GC Candyshop Sterling of Scrimshaw. The Care-Y line goes back to Gray-Ivy and Delphi and Sarah Velman's Candyshop line goes back again to Delphi via Delphi Dreamer of Recherche and Mary Crary, most famous is GC Candyshop Candy of Mary Crary. GC Candy of Mary Crary goes back to the Sheromar, Silver Quest, Shawnee, Favors, Beverly-Serrano, Arlington, and Shy Castle lines. Behind Shy Castle His Royal Shyness we have the Lovely Chiquita Linda of Beverly-Serrano. Behind her we have Thistledown Carus, GC Silver Lion of Rosewood, who in turn goes back to Chinnie once again via The Viking.

 Shaded silver Persian Cat GC Wyndcreste All That Glitters
Shaded Silver Persian
Born March 12, 2006

Wyngate Limited Edition's dam is GC, GP Moonlight Lady of Wyngate. GC, GP Moonlight Lady of Wyngate's dam, we have Seando My little Dancing Girl, a hybrid sired by CH Meadowood Celebration, a Black Smoke Persian. Her Dam is Dalee Sterling Delight of Seando. GC Dalee Sterling Delight goes back to Barbara Whitman's foundation cat CH Eee-Dee Celene of Dalee and she goes back to more Walnut hill and Gray-Ivy lines.

 Shaded silver Persian Cat CH Wyndcreste Balenciaga
Shaded Silver Persian
July 26, 2006

In addition to my primary foundation line described above, I have added Ch Silverestate Picture That!, a lovely Chinchilla female, thanks to Kathy Zennaiter (Silverestate). Funny Face as I affectionately call her brought in the Sonnet, Joyvyn, Nitewind, Flambeau, Exton lines via Akristocats Kodak of Silverestates. Through her dam's line we find well regarded Scrimshaw line via CG Srimshaw Fancy That! She in turn goes back to the Candyshop and Mary Crary lines illustrated above. Also behind her is Silvacreek Ciara down from the Hershie, Hillsbury, Beau Geste, Be-Ru, Sanskrit, Wokanda, and of course Walnut Hill and Gray-ivy lines once again. Funny face bred to GP Wyndcreste Suspense gave birth to GC Wyndcreste Rendezvous, GC Wyndcreste Liaison and Wyndcreste Heritage who in turn sired GC Silverestate Main Event. Funny Face went through a long very gawky period, but true to her six-week old self, she at two and one half years old looked as she did at six weeks old--both Kathy and I were amazed at how much she had changed from month to month, year to year.

I was also fortunate to be honored with Sanmar Anna Lucia of Wyndcreste, a hybrid Shaded Silver Persian, bred by the well known and highly regarded Shirley Crawford of Sanmar fame. Pumpkin as she is known, is out of Sanmar Phan Tom, who was sired by GC Budmar By Request of Chinook Winds a fabulous Black Persian and her dam is Sanmar Jil, litter sister of GC Sanmar Jenner of Shadedknoll. Shirley and I bred Pumpkin to CH Limeridge Starry nights because of all of the wonderful chinchillas behind him to lighten the coats of their offspring. Wyndcreste Dahlia of Sanmar was born in her first litter and Wyndcreste Marguerite in the Second. Wyndcreste Dahlia of Sanmar bred to Sanmar Solo gave birth to Sanmar Forget-Me-Not, 4th Best Silver Kitten Nationally in the 2004/2005 season, and Sanmar Lily. I hope to breed Maggie this season. Behind Sanmar Jill we have Jenwilli, Adcock, Jobez, Wyngate via the drop dead gorgeous GC, RW Wyngate Cassandra, GC Wyngate Squire's litter sister. We also have a White Persian from one of Shirley's efforts at hybridizing: Kitty Charm Diamonds of Wishes.

Blue Point Himalayan cat GC, RW Fullmoon Mark Anthony
Born August 15, 1999
Winning his Last of Many
Best Cat in Show Awards
Best Persian in the NW Region

At about the same time I welcomed Pumpkin to my home, I also was extremely fortunate to be honored with CH Dalee Divinity bred by the renown and well respected Barbara Whitman Dalee. It was a dream come true as I have always loved the look of Barbara's Dalee kitties, and had dreamed of day I might welcome one to my home. I bred CH Dalee Divinity to GC Wyndcreste Rendezvous and CH Wyndcreste Chutes and Ladders and Wyndcreste Candyman of 2M were born.

Shaded Silver Persian Cat Wyndcreste Angelina Jolie
Shaded Silver
Born August 22, 2011

Barbara Whitman of Dalee has been each breeding Silvers since the 1970s and has bred numerous Grand Champions over the years. She is extremely respected in the Silver and Golden world and I am honored to work with her. Perhaps a year later I gave Barbara GC Wyndcreste Ritzy Bitzy and now she has several of her daughters and granddaughters. Barbara honored me with GC Dalee Special Edition of Wyndcreste and gave me back my lovely Ritzy and I in turn gave Barbara GC Wyndcreste Rendezvous and Wyndcreste Afternoon Delight. I cannot thank her enough for these two extremely beautiful and special kitties.

Shaded Silver Persian Cat Dalee Pixie of Wyndcreste
Chinchilla Silver Persian
Born May 21, 2011

GC Dalee Special Edition of Wyndcreste is a wonderful addition as he brings in a number of different lines such as All Aglitter, Exton, Labellechat, Haute Cats, Wishstar, La Gemini, Sumew, Gold Hill, Danpeg, Wyngate, Sanmar, Mission Hill, Kimberlea, Keeperkit (Black Persian), Deealden, Chassir, and Sonnet. That said, these lines can all be traced full circle back to Delphi, Kitza, Walnut Hill, Gray-Ivy, Hillsbury, Sanskrit, Beau Guest, Wicklow, Ana-Lan, Kitty Ville and so on and which brings us full circle back to Chinnie.

Shaded Silver Persian Cat CH Wyndcreste Wedgewood Rose
Shaded Silver
Born April 25, 2012

In 2007, Sylvia Cullivan honored me with GC, RW Fullmoon Mark Anthony (Blue Point Himalayan). I absolutely loved him when he was being shown. He arrived at eight years of age and immediately settled in without a single nervous moment. He is super sweet and pats your knee when he wants to be picked up and loved. While he stayed for only a short visit he quickly wooed the girls and sired Wyndcreste Rock Around the Clock and Wyndcrete Apple Brown Bette. CH Wyndcreste Balenciaga bred to Wyndcreste Rock Around the clock produced three females Wyndcreste Jubilee Celebration, Wise Portia and Teasing Georgia. We are looking toward the next generation--stay tuned.

Shaded Silver Persian Cat Missionhill Comic Rainstorm
at eight weeks of Age and me
the day we flew home from Canada
Shaded Silver
Born July 12, 2012

Barbara gave me one of Ritzy's grand daughters CH Dalee Angel's Whisper. One often hears the term that a certain male is "pre-potent" thus likely to sire offspring that resembles the sire. But in GC Wyndcreste Ritzy Bitzy's case, it is she that indeed prepotent as all of her daughters strongly resemble her. Barbara jokes perhaps she should rename her cattery to the Ritzy cattery! CH Wyndcreste Special's Extra Edition at four months of age arrived to live with Barbara and Nancy in Tennessee. He is spoiled rotten and loves their dogs.

Shaded Silver Persian Cat Missionhill Comic Rainstorm
at Four Months of Age
Shaded Silver
Born July 12, 2012

It was tough love for Barbara when she brought Extra home to me a couple years later--he was her favorite. After my mother died I took a break from exhibiting and concentrated on home improvement/redecorating projects, but of course loved the diversion of the beautiful babies Extra sired. When Extra came home, Special retired from breeding and let his son take on that job. They love each other and often sleep together.Since then he has been busy siring here and just last year went to live with Munira and is spoiled rotten at her home as well. Needing an outcross male, came home from Canada with a beautiful and huge baby boy Missionhill Cosmic Rainstorm who will be a great addition and a wonderful outcross, when he decides he is not a giant baby any longer.

Shaded Silver Persian Cat Dreamhearts Hartbreker of Wyndcreste
at Six Months of Age
Shaded Silver
Born June 18, 2012

I fell in love with Missionhill Cosmic Rainstorm (Cosmos) when Munira first posted his two week old photograph on the list and begged her to part with him. But she wanted to keep him so she offered me another very nice boy. As luck would have it it, a week before my flight to Canada she offered Cosmos to me and he was just eight weeks old when I flew home with him. He was fully weaned and much more mature in development than my kittens. I am his mom in everyway and he is a great snuggler. He only ate Munira's Raw Meat recipe and so began my adventure in the Raw Meat Diet and I am sold! The really pack on the wieght and improved growth and condition can readily be seen in just six weeks.

Munira Murrey of Missionhill Persians is another great icon of the Silver and Golden Division for being the first Silver and Golden Breeder to attain great Persian type in her line. The the most famous cat of her line is GC, RW Missionhill Fait Accompli. She credits the influence of GC Twinshire Gainsborough Masterpiece., a CPC Cream, for bringing great type, size and boning to her line. The use of CPC with their blue eyes has been found to maintain the green eyes of the Silvers, whereas the use of other colors ruins the green eyes and by the time later generations' coats clear of barring and eye color returns you are back to where you started.

Behind Missionhill Cosmic Rainstorm is another famous Missionhill cat Missionhill GrandFinale of Ultamint. He served as the foundation sire of the Ultamint line which brought in the extreme Persian type and produced several Regional winners. Grandfinale bred to CH Dalee April proved to be a magical combination producing the well regarded GC, RW Ultamint Final Fantasy. CH Dalee April's dam CH, GP Classic Lucia of Dalee is an English import bringing in the many clear coated English Chinchillas and on her sire CH Dalee Playboy, we bring in notable Kalima and Fairisles lines which largely go back to primarily Walnut Hill and Diadem lines among others.

Prior to contacting Munira about Cosmos, I had been corresponding with Marija Thil of Dreamhearts about a beautiful boy kitten she had and we agreed to name him Dreamhearts Haute Couture. Our correspondence was sporadic but came together in very early December before the Dixieland show as she was flying in from France to attend the show. I had not made flight reservations yet, and at the last moment it was not to be, but I asked if Haute Couture's brother Hartbreker was available and as luck would smile once again he was. So I quickly made flight reservations to Charlotte, NC, just days before the Dixieland show. It was too late to enter Cosmos, so I took a red eye Friday and arrived Saturday morning and had fun at the show meeting and visting with everyone and left Sunday and flew home with my newest beautiful baby boy Dreamhearts Hartbreker (Kiwi). He settled in without a moments bit of anxiety as if to say 'Here I am!" He grew and developed amaziningly fast on the Raw Meat Diet and caught up with giant Cosmos, which is incredible!

Behind Dreamhearts Hartbreker (Kiwi) we find an American import to Germany RW, IGC Chelcecats Crackerjax, a truly prepotent male that threw his incredible type to his off-spring and brought Persian type to the German Brettachtal line, which was renown for lovely Chinchillas with sweet expressions. Behind Cracker Jax's sire we have Ariza Chandler of Chelcecats from the Canadian Arizia line, which was another bloodline that focused on the more extreme Persian type outcrossing to Solid and Smoke Persians. On Cracker Jax's maternal line, we have his drop dead gorgeous mother GC, RW Chelcecats Katie Ann and her sire GC, RW Kittikamir Kaden decended from the Kittikamir line. His sire CH Shadedknoll Malachi of Kittikamir, is the foundation sire of the Kittikamir line. While Malachi did not have great type, he threw incredible type to his off-spring and sired 14 Grands, just short of a DM. His sire was the famous GC Fairisles Citation of Shadedknoll. So behind Kiwi we have a combination of German, Canadian and American lines, primarily Brettachtal, Lionstone, Chelcecats, Arizia, Kittikamir, Shadedknoll, Exton, Ana-Lan, Diadem, Jenwilli, Wokanda, which all goes back to the older mid 20th century lines: Walnut Hill, Gray-Ivy, Delphi, Kitza and Sandia and so forth.

Shaded Silver Persian Cat RW, IGC Chelcecats Crackerjax
Shaded Silver
Born March 23, 2004

It is incredibly difficult to find high quality male kittens and to luck into two I could not feel more fortunate and thankful to have my two gorgeous boys. Needless to say, I have been having fun exhibiting the boys and holding the two of them is an armful of fluffy wonderfulness--so sappy, but it is true. The boys are just one month apart in age and are the best of friends and eat their raw meat meals together. I hope they always remain BFFs. Kiwi is far more mature than Cosmos in many ways--Cosmos is a baby still at nine months of age. Kiwi is practicing on the girls and hopefully will be siring shortly.

I cannot begin to thank Munira Murrey of Missionhill and Marija Thil of Dreamhearts enough for sharing these beautiful boys and their lines with me. Cosmos and Kiwi bring in entirely new lines as noted above.These lines have successfully blended in other breedings, so I am hopeful we will have lovely and competitive kittens in the coming years.

Tracing this genealogy of Silvers through the ages one can see how honored and treasured they are and were in their lifetimes. We can also see how small our gene pool actually is as it has been only a little over 100 years since Chinnie was born and there a relatively few breeders working world wide with this beautiful breed and only a teeny percentage of these kitties are kept for breeding to carry on the lines, while the remaining kittens are spayed and neutered.

I hope you enjoyed this article are spurred on to do additional research on these beautiful cats. Janice Reichle of Diadem has written numerous very interesting and informative articles on the history and legacy of our Silvers and Goldens including: "Silver Persians -- You've Come a Long Way Baby!," which appeared in the 1987 CFA Yearbook, and in the 1979 CFA yearbook "Silvers are Precious," and updated that article in the 1997 CFA Yearbook: "Silvers are Still Precious." She also wrote The Silver and Golden Persian, which appeared in the United Silver and Golden Fanciers Triannual Magazine. Martha Wise is another well know historian and writer and wrote a very interesting article on the history of Silvers, which can be found in the 1970 CFA Yearbook, addtionally an updated version of Mrs. Wise's articles, edited by Christopher Bock is published online by Pandecats. These authors have written numerous other articles which have appeared over the years in the USGF Magazine.

Shaded Silver Persian Cat Missionhill Cosmic Rainstorm
Being Judged by Kathy Calhoun

It is interesting to scan all the above pictures from top to bottom to see how silvers have evolved over the last 110 plus years. All of the above cats are ancestors of my present line.

I used all of the above articles as reference for this article together with my own Pedigree data base. That said, the pedigrees about are true and correct to the best of my knowledge; however I am constantly correcting mistakes and catching typos, so if you see any oop's please let me know. Contact CFA to obtain Certified Pedigrees; Certified Pedigress are the last word and bible in terms of accuracy and well worth the investment.

CFA is celebrating more than 100 years in service to cat owners worldwide, please join me in congratulating the world's largest registry of cats. Please click here for an article on the History of CFA.

By Karol E. Cummins of Wyndcreste Silver Persians

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CFA Cattery of Distinction Award

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